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Major Requirements:

Course Units
Art 001AB Survey of Western Art 3+3
Art 001E Design in society 3
Art 031A Beginning Drawing 3
Art 031B Expressive Drawing 3
Art 031C Representational Drawing
Art 033A Two Dimensional Design 3
Art 033C Color Design 3
Electives from recommended list 3

Recommended Electives:
For students who concentrate in the following areas, the recommended electives are:

Art History: Art 001D, 007, 010, 012A,B,

Ceramics: Art 065A,B,C,D, 067A,B,C,D 3-D Design: Art 075A,B,C,D

Graphic Design: Art 035A,B,C,D, 055

Painting/Drawing: Art 035A,B,C,D, 047A,B,C,D, 049A,B,C,D

Printmaking: Art 040A,B,C,D, 041A,B,C,D

Sculpture: Art 085A,B, 088A,B

3-D Design: Art 081

Art History majors should include at least 2 semesters
of a foreign language.

To be awarded an A.A. Degree, a student must complete 1. All the major requirements 2. Additional units to meet the college graduation requirements.

NEW A.A.Transfer Degree (ADT) "Roadmaps" of suggested course sequence:
Studio Art
Art History

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